8th June 2012

Store Open as usual

As you may hve noticed we are not currently releasing new records, but due to Inhaler Recording Co.  now holding the rights to all of our previous and the (c) for this site being held by Perfect Pixels you can still buy records as usual and they will be shipped to you as they always have been!

Head over to the store and shop away!!

5th October 2011

New bands / new starts


We have exciting new some stuff in the pipeline that we think you all may like...


First piece of news is that we will be announcing a new overseas band to the roster soon, the band (we'll name them soon!) are receiving excellent press in the USA with some pretty impressive Pitchfork, NPR and other reviews of late. Keep checking back for more news about the release and a 2012 tour.


We are pleased to announce that we will be branching out into PR & Tour booking. Loss Leader will be the name of the new venture set up with a group of highly motivated friends with whom we are sure that we will acheive some amazing results for all involved.

New website is under construction: www.loss-leader.co.uk


3rd July 2011

No news is good news...isn't it?

So, we have been REALLY quiet over here at Inhaler Records of late. I'd like you to know that we are not dead or anything unpleasent like that, but are just taking our own sweet time to bring you another amazing release. We don't just release any old sh#t for the sake of it y'know!

Good news #1

Above Them are recording their follow up full length as we speak. They are holed up in Nottingham and are eating curry, drinking beer and creating another slab of fuzzed up punk rock with Mr Paul Yeadon (Bivouac/Wireless Stores) and Mr Johnny Carter (Pitchshifter). Keep your eyes and ears peeled.


Good News #2

Hammer No More the Fingers are also heading into the studio to record what is currently intended to be a mini-lp withLove Language/Megafaun producer BJ Burton. There is also some really cool UK tour support news heading your way soon. These guys should just get British passports and be done with it!



Black Shark cover
Hammer No More The Fingers
Black Shark
Above them cover
Above Them
For those who
paved the way